Productive process

AR.TI.CA. supports the customer from the initial development of the idea. The consultancy offered, the result of experience in mold making and injection molding, allows us to obtain a finished product capable of satisfying all the needs for which it was designed.

Engineering and co-design

We support the customer from the early development of the design, engineering and choice of the most suitable plastic material in order to respect all his requests with the specificities of the injection molding process. The consultancy offered, the result of the experience in mold construction and molding, allows to obtain a finished product capable of satisfying all the needs for which it was designed.


Another service available to our customers concerns prototyping. In sintered, from silicone mold, from CNC machining or through pilot molds, we make replicas that allow you to test the product before making the equipment, with all the resulting advantages.

Mold design

We take care of the design of the mold down to the smallest detail. Reliability, quality, experience and Italian competence are at your service, offering adequate solutions to the most varied production needs. The use of the most advanced CAD and MoldFlow software, combined with the experience gained in almost thirty years of activity in mold construction, allow our designers to identify the best technical solutions in order to create a mold that meets any requirement.

Mold construction

The experience and specialization of our toolmakers combined with state-of-the-art machine technology allow the creation of quality and reliable molds for any type of production. In order to meet the economic needs of our customers, we also offer the possibility of exploiting our facilities in the Far East area, the combination that is created between the design activity of our technical office combined with the speed, precision and economy of our Asian partners allows to offer multiple and interesting solutions. We also take care of modifications and improvements requested by the customer, as well as all the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities that the mold requires.

Injection molding

The production department for the injection molding of thermoplastic polymers is characterized by latest generation presses all equipped with easily programmable robots that assist the operators’ activity by performing rapid and precise movements. The high degree of automation integrated with the professionalism and specialization of our employees allows us to significantly reduce set-up times and to be highly competitive even on small batch productions. We are also specialized in nitrogen gas assisted molding, insert molding, mold labeling. Our production ranges in all product sectors including:

  • Lighting design: transparent polymer diffusers of various sizes, lenses of multiple shapes, sizes and thicknesses, lamp bodies with refined shapes resulting from the creativity of renowned designers.
  • Motorcycling: we make all the plastic parts of a motorcycle, from the structural frame in carbon-reinforced technopolymer, to the front and rear plastics complete with relative adhesives, all components that have contributed to the creation of the winning bikes of the respective world championships.
  • Applications for water: pump bodies, components for flow meters, pressure flow switches.
  • Nautical equipment: super-reinforced technopolymer thrusters to replace bronze.
  • Agriculture: lights, mudguards, dashboards, side panels that are painted to compose the entire body of agricultural machines that have won international awards and recognitions.
  • Household appliance: from the aesthetic piece to the technical component of the internal transmission.
  • Beverage: glasses, buckets, transparent or colored sparkling wine glasses with the possibility of multi-color pad printing made in our internal plant, products designed and manufactured to meet the demand for excellence in the sector.
  • Precision gears and components: pinions, chains, sprockets of multiple sizes and pitches, where centesimal precision is essential.

Other services

Over the years we have specialized in multiple services such as screen printing and pad printing, adhesive bonding, welding using different technologies, surface treatments through painting and chrome plating. We also have dedicated islands for the assembly of the products, with our highly qualified operators able to perform various machining with accuracy and precision. We also manage the entire delivery process in order to ensure our customers a quick and efficient management of each order.